Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Checking In (again)

4th of July weekend was hot and I was badly in need of some R&R. I did'nt get much done on my basement projects. I did manage to do an initial clean-up on the DB Silver Streak but I did not take anything apart on it. I was also supposed to get a mountain bike ready for someone at Lydia's workplace........FAIL. I did do an initial clean-up on it. It being an old mid 80's Specialized Hardrock. I rebuilt the bottom bracket as well. The headset and hubs feel pretty stiff also and will need attention before I can let this one out the door.

I bought another shop quality workstand this week. It is well used but still in good condition. I intend to use it for projects that have stuck stems and/or seatposts. I have several of these projects waiting in the wings. They are slam your head against the wall time consuming and they tie up the workstand. I would like to set this up in an isolated area so that I can resume as my patience recovers.

I will likely return to the basement this night for frosty beverages. I may or may not become consumed in a project such as the Specialized.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Just Checking In

Work has been going well, despite a 75 mile, one way commute to NW Indiana 6 days a week. Today kicks off a much anticipated 5 day weekend with no plans whatsoever.......chill time. With the long hours at work and extended commute, I've still managed to do some garage saleing and picking.

It my memory serves me correctly, I was town wide garage saleing out in Shabbona, Illinois a couple of weeks ago. With little free time in my midst, I found myself on my way out of Shabbona mid morning, with a full van load of trinkets, headed toward a soft pillow and a dark room. When what to my wandering eye did I see? A garage sale sign down a lonely country road. What the hell, one more won't hurt. I headed down the narrow blacktop til I came upon another garage sale sign that took me down a long meandering drive with weeds growing between my tire tracks.

A couple of weeks ago I came across this little clean-up project that I'm pretty excited about. An early 80's Diamondback II Silver Streak BMX.

I'm thinking this little gem will clean up pretty nicely. It appears to have been sitting in a barn for several years but does not seem to have much in the way of moisture damage. It's mostly grime. The hand grips and cable housing is in remarkable shape. As always though, it does have a few issues. The top of the seat tube is flared out and a battered seatpost sits a couple of inches within.

I intend to try and keep the SS as original as possible. I'd like to rebuilt the bottom bracket, headset, crankset and hubs. A few of the spokes need straightening and the wheels do need some truing.  My initial inspection indicates that these tasks should be fairly routine but until one gets his hands dirty, one never knows for sure.

It should also be noted in the interest of  budgeting and originality, I presently have a single GW invested and at this point I'm thinking a seatpost and a saddle may be my only additional expenses.