Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Checking In (again)

4th of July weekend was hot and I was badly in need of some R&R. I did'nt get much done on my basement projects. I did manage to do an initial clean-up on the DB Silver Streak but I did not take anything apart on it. I was also supposed to get a mountain bike ready for someone at Lydia's workplace........FAIL. I did do an initial clean-up on it. It being an old mid 80's Specialized Hardrock. I rebuilt the bottom bracket as well. The headset and hubs feel pretty stiff also and will need attention before I can let this one out the door.

I bought another shop quality workstand this week. It is well used but still in good condition. I intend to use it for projects that have stuck stems and/or seatposts. I have several of these projects waiting in the wings. They are slam your head against the wall time consuming and they tie up the workstand. I would like to set this up in an isolated area so that I can resume as my patience recovers.

I will likely return to the basement this night for frosty beverages. I may or may not become consumed in a project such as the Specialized.

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