Saturday, March 31, 2012

SWK Trailwork

This morning we did a CAMBr workday at SWK. We worked on a couple of tight turns on Dominator. It was a pretty good turn out with 10 bodies showing up.

The first turn was rectified with a slight reroute. A tight flat turn on black dirt can be slick and cause ones wheels to wash out unexpectedly. This particular section was rerouted over a mound which is basically an improved trail feature.

The second was a larger flat turn that is also flat. It comes out of a drop where you are carrying quite a bit of speed and as a result you are forced to scrub your momentum to stay on the trail. Bummer. We built a short berm here, roughly a quarter turn and about a foot high. Hopefully this will allow you to carry speed through the turn now.

Jerry and Jimmy broke off from the main work group and tackled a small water crossing on Jack Rabbit. It gets water drainage during the wet Spring season. In the past we have built it up with rock, which makes a solid crossing for bikes and equestrians alike, while still allowing water to pass through. Jerry and Jimmy built this crossing up with more rocks today as it has deteriorated somewhat over the last couple of years. It has held up well I think. They also did some maintanence on the Colossus water crossing. It had begun to dam up again with more debris which they cleared away.

Since we had an extra hour to kill, the main group went over to the trailhead by the first parking lot and did some needed work there as well. Apparently people have been driving Jeeps on CAMBr Freeway, so the OLPD put some large timbers there to keep them out. We built the timbers up to allow a mountain to cross over. We also trimmed up the bushes on either side of the timbers to allow bike and equestrian access that way as well.

At about noon we all retired to the parking area for refreshments. After an hour or so hunger pangs began to set in and about six of us headed over to Portillos for some grub.

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