Monday, February 27, 2012

Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Had to walk away for the evening. I did manage to get the stem out. I broke a drive pin and the tip off my favorite screwdriver, but it finally came out. Seatpost...........different story. It happens to be a fairly long seatpost and extends down inside the seat tube a good 8"-10". VERY FRUSTRATING!!

On a more somber note, Wayne called this evening. He and my mother were at the hospital. This is never good. She was out to get the mail this afternoon and walking back up to the house she tripped and smashed her face into the concrete sidewalk. OUCH! Plans for tomorrow have changed slightly. I will try and set up with the wheels guy a little earlier tomorrow so I can be back in time to work the store. It has been pretty slow there most of the winter and gives me good time to clean and rebuild parts. I will rebuild the hubs on the Univega tomorrow. I also have a set of Shimano 600 tubulars to rebuild, perhaps I will take them along. That is all.

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