Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Played around with the Elance 310 some tonight. Tightened up the fixed cog and spun a lock ring on there. Cut a new 1/8" chain. Wheel sits pretty close to the back of the dropout but I like it better than hanging off the front edge. Running a 42 X 16. I'm guessing an 18t on the back might center it in the dropout.

The Univega wheels..........hub was kinda loose and finicky. I played around with that and finally got it right. Vertical trueness was not quite right so we worked with that a little bit. Rear brake was acting up, would'nt stay centered. I added a half round spacer that was missing, replaced the broken washer and rusty nut. Better.

We are ready for the swap. Must double check all the complete bikes this week.

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