Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Picked up a set of 26" MTB wheels this morning from Dave in Naperville. I've always lusted for a set of Shimano XTR hubs. They are not quite as desireable as they were 10 years ago, but they make me happy. I need to get the Rockhound back on it's feet and these will be a nice upgrade. I threw them on the truing stand this afternoon and they checked out pretty well. They are very round and straight. I had to tweak the rear a little bit, but still, a nice wheelset.

I also threw the Shimano 600 tubulars on the truing stand this afternoon. These rims suck. I'm now wondering if I can remove the new tires that were glued on without ruining them.

Last but not least, I cleaned up the Lepree hubs on Univega wheelset. At first I just cleaned up the exterior portion with a toothbrush and called it good. However, they kept staring at me from down there on the floor. Alrightythen, lets tear those hubs apart. They were spinning pretty smoothly before tearing into them but I just had to take a peak in there and see how that 25 year old grease was holding up. I probably could have let them go, but now I know there good.

Tonight I will get the wheels back on the Univega and finish "fix"ing the Elance 310. I also need to designate a few projects for Wednesday and Thursday while I'm standing around at the store. I have more than enough stuff ready for the swap so I'm thinking, get the XTR's ready for the rockhound. I have a set of  set of Onza Porcupines and a new Sram 9 speed cassette I can throw on. I've also got an early 90's Rockhopper that needs a new wheel package, I can work on that as well. Last winter when I was working down by St. Louis, I went to the bike swap in Edwardsville and picked up 2 Shimano LX wheelsets for $20 a set, possibly 1st generation stuff. Same hubs that were stock on the Rockhopper. 

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