Monday, February 27, 2012

Just words today. Spent the better part of the day surfing for bike crap and found a set of XTR wheels for the Rockhound.....nice wheels....good deal. I did finally drag myself down the basement stairs to the bike shop. I rebuilt the headset on the Panasonic Touring Deluxe and stripped the headset and BB off the "Liz Downing" Quintana Roo frameset. They are now ready for the swap on Saturday. I also have a small framed Trek Pro Series that I'd like to keep the complete Shimano 600 group off of. I had it on the stand and just could'nt bring myself to tear it down. It's a rehab I did a few months ago, before I stepped up my rehab game. So the cables and housings have not been replaced. It has a Reynolds 531 frameset and it's a small size. These are fairly sought after.......small frames of good quality. In the end, I pulled it off the stand and walked it back over to it's lonely hook, the one that hangs just above the toilet, an old funky green one from the 1970s. A story for another day perhaps. If I do decide to strip down the Trek Pro Series it will only take about 30 minutes. After that little mental struggle from within I started working on the Lotus Eclair. Another touring frame. This one has been stripped down already, however, the stem and seatpost are seized. Fun stuff, much like real work. At this point the stem and seatpost have been cut off near the entry point into the frame, then drilled, starting with a bit slightly larger than the existing hole and gradually increasing the drill bit size. I grew weary of that after a few sessions a couple of months ago. This afternoon I decided to resume work on this one as I would like to take it to the swap. In hindsight this is a frame I should have passed on.

Tomorrow I will have coffee at McDonalds with Maggie of Maggies Deja Vu fame and then head to Naperville and pick up the XTR wheelset along with a set of XT shifters/levers. I'm also working on a blog for the resale shop, so I need to take some pictures of the shop and proprieter (Maggie) for the blog. She is not aware that I have been working on this. I will tell her over coffee in the morning.


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