Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update on todays earlier post.

The Sekai 2700 is a bike I picked up from a CL ad a few years ago. It's not my size but I did some riding on it, as I was excited about having a vintage road bike at the time. I also loaned it to by niece's husband Brad to ride in a Tri event. I believe this is a '79 or '80 model. Information on the Sekai brand is somewhat limited but can be found with a bit of digging. In tearing this bike down I discovered the bearings were rather crusty and it should not have been ridden as such. The Sekai lettering on the downtube is a baby blue with white outline on a tan frame. I decided to go with strong white accents and I think it turned out well. I wanted to top it off with a white racing saddle. I had a white suede San Marco but it was a bit grungy and did'nt seem to fit well with the new cork bar tape. I spent some time looking for something appropriate and found a few leads and even some bargains at Niagra. I ended up scrubbing the suede saddle I had with some soapy water and a toothbrush and I may give it another treatment this week.

 Below is the Schwinn Traveler pictured in todays earlier post. I had forgoted that I needed a current pic. The bar tape switch made a huge difference in the final product I think, as did the black cables. I also changed out the saddle. It is difficult to tell from the before and after pics but I also replaced all the cables, serviced the bearings and trued the wheels.
 This is the Univega Viva Sport I spoke of earlier. It is very near complete. The Univega lettering on the downtube is more of a gray but I still think the black accents work here. Keeping in mind that I've done all of these refurbs with parts on hand, I tried something a little different with the black/white color scheme here. Still need to rebuild the hubs and clean up the freewheel on this one. I like to do hub rebuilds while working the counter at the resale shop on slow days, which there has been no shortage of this winter. The Univega rebuild will fill the 5th and final reserved spot at the bike corral on Saturday.
 Additionally, I have a few more things to prep for Saturday. A Panasonic Touring Deluxe that needs the headset rebuilt and a Lotus Eclair (another touring frame) that I need to finish the painstaking task of removing the seatpost and stem. When I purchased the Lotus I made the mistake of not checking these. Something I should have (and did) know better about.

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